oh my goodness!

Yes, that was our reaction upon meeting Sarge’s lovely friend.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

They arrived arrived 7 Friday night after dealing with hours of horrendous holiday traffic on 95 and we ate lobster pot pies (which looked beautiful but didn’t really have that true lobster flavor, which was not the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe’s fault).

Aesha was sweet and lovely and polite.  She and Sarge smiled at each other all of the time.  I was very relieved to see that Sarge was the same goofy guy he is with his family as he is with the young woman he loves.  She makes him dress up, though.  No sweatpants and muscles shirts for Sarge this weekend!  She brought us a beautiful basket filled with the kinds of goodies we like, too.

They spent most of Saturday at the beach and in town, as Sarge showed her where he grew up.  The weather was perfect–sunshine without humidity–and Rhode Island looked good.  They bought Del’s Lemonade and “walked the wall” at Narragansett Pier.

Meanwhile…Banjo Man cleaned out his water fountain of four years of leaves and muck and I scrubbed the rust off of the patio chairs and table.  Grandma and Daughter Nancy joined us for a family dinner.



Grandma, Banjo Man, Sarge and Aesha

She absolutely adored Banjo Man and thought he was funny.  The feeling was mutual.

We taught her to play Mexican Train Dominoes and she whooped us.  Badly.  She helped me with my cell phone, and Sarge helped Banjo Man install the air conditioner and remove an old box tv.  Sarge helped me remove the control panel on my Highlander so I could fix the air conditioning (the success of which will be explained in another blog, I hope).

She liked clam cakes and seafood chowder.  But she *loved* Del’s lemonade.  They left late Sunday night, after chicken enchiladas and brownies and with bags of leftover food.  Sarge loves leftovers, especially spinach casserole.

I think they’ll be back for  Thanksgiving.  Aesha has never experienced that particular holiday and she said she loves pecan pie, so we’ll be ready!


Banjo Man wore himself out making everything look beautiful.

Monday morning the parades were cancelled due to the rain, so we met some friends for breakfast.  And then we came home and went back to bed!  What is better than a nap on a rainy day?

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