the outhouse project

Sarge and Son #1 are putting together parts of the outhouse to transport up to The Cabin In the Mountains.


Sarge is in charge and Son #1 is happy to take orders.

The Funny Grandson got into the act yesterday.  He informed me that he brought his own safety goggles and could help load the trailer, which he proceeded to do.  Sarge even let him hook up the ties to hold everything down.

Today Sarge, Son #1 and Story Man have loaded up the 4-Runner and have gone up to the mountain to construct the outhouse.  Banjo Man has elected to stay home and let the younger generation figure it out for themselves.

I’m sure it will be a great outhouse.

Not that I intend to use it.

My daughter-in-law has arrived and is happy to be away from the Texas heat.  She brought a bottle of Deep Eddy lemon vodka in her suitcase.  What a gal!!!!

I think this means we are going to party, don’t you?

Tonight is band practice up on the hill.  The five-year old wannabee drummer is hoping to sit in for a few songs, like he did last year.  In fact, he has talked about it maybe 67 times since he arrived in Idaho.

Drummers are intense.

The Outhouse Outlaws intend to wrap up construction mid-afternoon so they can hear some tunes and catch up with the news on the hill.

Meanwhile…Mandolin Ann, Dancing Mandolin Player and I are heading into town to have a music lesson with Doug this morning.

Not one of us said, “I’d rather build an outhouse.”





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