the tomatoes and the deer, 2016 version

Check out my massive tomato plants.  I have no idea why they are taller than I am, but perhaps because they were purchased at the local farmer’s market by Dancing Mandolin Player they are some kind of Super Plant.


I had some expert tomato people on my side this year.

Anyway, Banjo Man and I planted them and moved the pots to the other side of our little front yard, which for the past five years has been safe from the deer.

Do you see the open area on the other side of the porch decking?  There are stairs there, but I have blocked them off with twine and strips of blue washcloth.

Very redneck, I agree, but it is my attempt to discourage a “daddy-horned deer” (as my grandson refers to our neighborhood buck) from coming up the stairs, onto the deck, around the corner, and down three stairs to eat my tomato plants.

He has been known to stand by the decking and stare longingly at my plants.  Every morning I open the back door and wonder if I will see cherry tomatoes or devastation.

So far so good.

But to be on the safe side, I temporarily confiscated one of Banjo Man’s game cameras and posted it towards the tomatoes.


I check the camera to see if he is getting braver (he’s not).

And if the unthinkable happens I want to know who did it.

In the meantime I have lots of pictures of my grandson posing with his Star Wars blaster or his squirt gun.  He loved the thought of being captured on camera while making ferocious faces.


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