no means no, the food version


Properly marked Whoopie Pies from the Pantry.


With so many people here at the house I had to call a family meeting and explain “food rules”.

“Can I eat this?” is a question I heard a lot.  We had tons of leftovers and food galore in two refrigerators and of course no one wanted to get in trouble by eating something that I was saving for dinner.

No worry, I told the family members gathered around the dining room table.  I explained that everything in the fridges or on the counters or in the pantry was fair game unless it had the word “NO” scrawled across a piece of masking tape or on a post-it note.

The men in my family became a little confused over these directions.  My daughter-in-law jumped in to help me explain it for the fourth time in nine minutes.

But the guys eventually got the hang of it.

And the plan worked perfectly on leftover sandwiches, pieces of pie and–as you see above–high calorie loot from the Pantry.

I might have to start doing this in Rhode Island next winter.

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