november shop hopping, year two

Last  Thursday Harley Chick, Aunt Pat and I went off to look for fabric.

You’d think that fabric would be easy to find, but these days local quilt stores are closing and shopping options are sadly shrinking.   But Aunt Pat directed us to the Quilted Crow in Massachusetts.

Ready to go in and find the perfect fabric for a future project?  Definitely!


I thought this was a pumpkin (I see pumpkins everywhere!!!) but it’s a tuffet.  There’s a kit.  And a class.  But I don’t need a tuffet.  Do you?img_2049

Oh, here’s a felted pumpkin.  I’m not a fan of felted wool–to me it looks like something the cat played with–but lots of crafters love it.


And then there was a new fabric line:img_2050

Not a fan of grunge.  These looked like Kaffe Fasset’s shot cottons, but with a little extra smudging.  Interesting, but not intriguing enough to purchase.

Harley Chick bought flannel.  Aunt Pat bought fabric with lobsters on it.  I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but I had a great time looking for it.

We ate lunch next door at a lovely coffee café.  We talked about our grandchildren.  We caught up on each other’s news.

Fun, fun, fun.

We got lost twice trying to find quilt shop #2, but it was worth it despite its small size.  I found some Christmas fabric for my grandson’s pillowcases.  He loved the Halloween ones so much I thought I’d keep up the tradition while he is still young enough to think that themed pillowcases are cool.

Because of the upcoming holidays and the winter weather, we probably won’t have another Fabric Road Trip until spring.  Which gives me time to finish the quilts I’ve started!



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2 Responses to november shop hopping, year two

  1. Ruth says:

    Those “tuffet” things must be all the rage! I saw one at my favorite quilt shop in Chester, Vermont: – a place that is well worth the trip! I’ve never seen so much fabulous fabric in one place in my life!!! What a road trip that would be!

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