seafood by the sea

Last Thursday Banjo Man had a brilliant idea and unusual idea:  to go out to lunch.  Not only would we go out to lunch, but we would go to the Matunuck Oyster Bar just a few miles away.

Check it out if you want to know more about harvesting oysters and Perry Raso’s business:

It’s owned by one of Will’s friends and has been a tremendous success.  In fact, we hoped that a November afternoon would be one of those times when we wouldn’t have to wait hours for a table!

Banjo Man wore the appropriate shirt:


We had a table by the water.  The picture is a bit foggy, due to the plastic “wall” between us and the fresh air.


The guys are sorting and harvesting oysters on the saltwater pond.

Here’s Banjo Man’s fried oyster po’ boy:


And here’s my lobster roll:


We’ve had unseasonably warm weather for November, so it was a beautiful day to sit by the water and enjoy lunch.  We vowed to do it more often, but I have a feeling that once the weather turns cold and grim we’ll be holed up at home until spring.


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