the patch


It’s rare that I see one of my creative obsessions so blatantly displayed for Banjo Man and I to see.

The word insane comes to mind.

My artistic and crafty and quilting obsessions have always had the potential to get out of hand, but I think I have outdone myself this autumn.

Banjo Man, a finally-wise husband with 46 years experience with my projects, has NOT asked, “What are you going to do with them?” or “Don’t you have enough?”

(The answers:  I don’t know and No.)

I think these pumpkins called to me because each one was different–in size and color and stem.

The stems were dried in the oven, sanded and sprayed with varnish.

I discovered that Crazy Glue–the gel version–worked the best and the expensive, smooth velvet was prettier than the crushed versions.  I used 1/3 plastic beads and 2/3 polyfill batting for stuffing.  They were stitched together–while watching “The Crown” on Netflix—using long doll needles.

Some lucky pumpkins will grace our Thanksgiving table Thursday afternoon.  Others will blend with the glittery metal trees on the fireplace mantel for the holidays.

Banjo Man has claimed a gold one for his own.

Every time we look at them all together on the dining room table we start laughing.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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