Christmas eve gumbo

I’m not sure when this became a family tradition, but gumbo on Christmas Eve has been served at More Pie’s house for a number of years.  Whether I’m in Texas or Rhode Island, there is gumbo.

Son #1 is insanely crazy over gumbo.  When he visits New Orleans he goes from restaurant to restaurant sampling gumbo of all kinds.  One afternoon we were all waiting to head to the airport, but he was missing.  Turned out he’d sneaked out of the hotel for one last bowl of gumbo in a restaurant around the corner.

Over the holidays he is known as “Gumbo Belly”.

I’ve just finished up about five hours of gumbo-making.  The chicken-andouille-okra version is finished and is simmering on the stove in a new 14 quart pot.  The new 11 quart pot will hold the shrimp file gumbo, which is about half done.  Banjo Man, who chopped all of the vegetables for me, has escaped to the store to get a couple of pounds of shrimp.

Because I come from generations of New Orleans people (French, Irish, German, Belgian), you’d assume I have a secret family recipe.

Sorry.  My grandmother made lots of gumbo but she didn’t pass down the recipe.  She was too busy for that.  If you want to know more about my southern grandmother you can click here.   She was quite the character and I always loved spending time with her.

I use Paul Prud’homme’s recipes.  Here’s one of them:

It has been a lovely morning.  I’ve been streaming my local RI’s radio show featuring Santa Claus.  Every year for three hours Santa takes calls from children who tell him what they want for Christmas.  It’s my own annual tradition and I love it.  This year’s most surprising request was from a little boy who asked Santa Claus for bagpipes.

Poor Santa didn’t know what to say to that.  He confessed he’d never had that request before.

When Santa asked a little girl if she’d been good this year, she hesitated and said, “Well, it depends on who you ask.”

I about dropped my whisk.

“It depends on who you ask” might be my go-to answer in 2017. 

Merry Christmas on the day before the day before!!!




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