centuries of television

Sunday night was an epic night on the Giant Couch.

First up?  The 1600’s, with King Louis XIV, in “Versailles”.  If you are watching that series, check out this website, http://partylike1660.com/, which gives all sorts of historical information about the Sun King and the various characters in the show.  Fascinating.  We watched the final episode of Season 1.  We both loved this show!!!

Next was “Outlander”, in the 1700’s.  Claire and Jamie are now trying to prevent the Jacobite rebellion and the decimation of the Scots (and their way of life) at the battle of Culloden.  It’s an amazing series and we are trying to make it last.  We still have three episodes until the end.  And I’m hoping there’s a season 3 in the future.  I think there has to be, but I haven’t googled to find out.

Here’s the Amazon link to the season 2 dvd:


At 9 PM we switched to PBS, to watch the finale of “Victoria”, set in the 1800’s.

By 10:00 we were exhausted.

It has been a historical winter.  The Medicis in Florence, lovers in Scotland, Victoria, King Louis XIV…and we still have Season 2 of Marco Polo to enjoy.

I’ve had to enforce a new rule here on the couch which I call “Movie Manners” and prohibits  the rustling of Dorito bags, crackers, etc.  Banjo Man has to put his CONSTANT SNACK FOOD in bowls so the CONSTANT RUSTLING of bags doesn’t distract from the show.  We’ve all been in the movies when the guy behind us has the crackling potato chip bag or the rattling box of candy and it is so annoying, right?

So we use bowls and it’s lovely, though Banjo Man thinks it’s silly.

Since he is not King Louis XIV I pay no attention to him.

This man doesn’t eat on the couch.


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