texas heat

It’s snowing in Rhode Island, but we’re in Texas!  My friend Barbara just called to find out where I was.

“We’re having a little blizzard here,” she said.  “You should be happy to be in Texas.”

I am.  Very happy.

The Funny Grandson has been sick and needs some quiet, restful days, so I am presently helping out with that.  We have played many games of Candy Land and Match.  We watched the movie “Moana” two times this morning, along with Finding Dory”.

I have bribed him with root beer floats and the medicine has been swallowed without complaint.  We have read books and shopped for tool belts on Amazon.  He has played the drums for me and I have made several batches of blueberry pancakes.

Such fun!  And I think he is improving.  Hopefully he will be able to hear a little music next week.  In the meantime he’s making his own.




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2 Responses to texas heat

  1. Marge says:

    So glad grandma is there to help make things better. M

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