saturday in the bleachers

I’m not a bleacher fan and didn’t go prepared with cushions or portable back rests, but Banjo Man and I sat for SEVEN HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES on a metal bench at Threadgill’s backyard on Saturday.  Even though we arrived half an hour early, we still couldn’t snag folding chairs.

I can’t believe we sat that long, but we had one heck of a good time.IMG_2630

The reason?  The Conqueroo Day Show, always a good time!

Kinky Friedman smoked a cigar while standing next to me as I waited for a sandwich.  Then he went onstage, sang a few tunes and swore a lot.  Pretty funny stuff, though I’m glad the Funny Grandson wasn’t with us.



Kinky Friedman, now 74.




Whitney Rose.


We’ve seen Whitney  Rose before.  She has a classic country voice and is adorable.  I’ll bet she’ll be a big star one of these days.




This band came with two horns and back up singers!  They rocked the house, with dancing and a ukulele.  Who knew?



Ray Wylie Hubbard

I loved Ray Wylie Hubbard so much.  He sang “Texas blues” and told hilarious stories.  I could have listened to him for hours, but everyone was limited to a 45 minute set (max).

This is an entertaining interview and a rendition of “Snake Farm”.  We had a fun time singing along with this song:




Sunny Sweeney.

Sunny had a fabulous country voice and a great sound.  She had just found out she was opening for Garth Brooks later on that evening!  Garth had announced a surprise concert for the grand finale of SXSW on Saturday night.  The 50,000 free tickets (you had to book online with a credit card to prove you had an Austin address) sold out in 5 minutes.


I’m a big Garth Brooks fan, but standing for hours in a crowd of 80,000 people (an extra 30,000 were expected from the SXSW attendees) didn’t seem all that appealing.  Will went with friends and planned to listen from another location, but the word went out that they were letting more people in and he and his friends hurried over to the show.

He said it was great.

Anyway, back to Threadgills….

The last performer was the great James McMurtry, who brought down the house at the Panida in Sandpoint a couple of years ago.



James McMurtry



It was the second time we’d heard him this week and I sure don’t get tired of listening to his songs.

Will joined us around 4:30 and couldn’t believe we’d been there since 11:30.  We waved goodbye to him at 7 and limped off to find our car in the lot next door.  This year we paid to get a good spot for the day, which was a necessity because I think we’re getting older.


The chicken sausage creole had been cooking all day in the crock pot, so I made some rice and we debated about taking a walk down South Congress after dinner to hear more music for about twenty seconds before collapsing onto our lovely soft couch.

Our sons were amazed at the day we’d had, but on the other hand they’re used to our marathon music adventures.   When you’re having a good time, why leave?


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3 Responses to saturday in the bleachers

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Did you hear DAd say “this bench is getting tired of holding me up”?

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Ellie says:

    OMG!! Bob and I need to get down to SXSW next year. You two are having way too much fun without us. My favorites is Ray Wylie Hubbard..Snake Farm and Whitney Rose. I found her singing “My Boots” that song is for you Kristine. What a fun afternoon. 🎶🎸🎤🎺🎼🎷🎹

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