good times, 2017

IMG_2601We’re home, we’re cold (it’s 20 degrees this morning) and we’re a tiny bit weary.

But boy, did we have fun.

Our 3 1/2 hour layover in D.C. was spent at a restaurant we’d tried before, on December 31’s return trip.  This time we knew how to work the I-pad for our electronic ordering of drinks and sandwiches.  I had trouble swiping the credit card and was miffed that one of the servers had to help me.  The only thing that soothed my injured techie pride was that she had trouble, too.


I played a Cupid’s Arrow Scratch game and eventually won a tiny chocolate bar and a large bottled water.

Banjo Man thought I’d lost my mind.  I don’t usually get involved in games like that, but I was determined to play (it was free, in case you’re worried I’ve become a gambler) until a prize was delivered to our table.

Besides, we had all the time in the world to hang out in the restaurant.

Both flights were on time and smooth.  We slept.  We read.  We split the chocolate bar.  We drank water.

And retrieving our car at the new-to-us giant airport parking lot?  Easy!  We even found our parking ticket, plus the coupon, without panicking (Banjo Man remembered where they were, not me).

We were home by 11, in bed at midnight.

We miss the Funny Grandson, but his last words to us as his parents hustled him to the car Monday night were, “See  you at the lake, Grandma and Grandpa!”

(I can’t wait for July.)

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4 Responses to good times, 2017

  1. Pat says:

    That is a really great picture of you and Banjo Man. You look so happy! And those last words — See you at the lake — must have melted your heart.

  2. Marge Ftidrich says:

    What a nice time. Great photo, too.

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