when you need pants

IMG_3420Banjo Man and I drove up to the Big City Wednesday.  We had appointments with the TSA to complete the paperwork for a TSA-preapproved security clearance.   We’ve gotten the “TSA Pre” designation enough times to realize what a great deal it is.  So it was time to make it official.

Then we went to lunch at a diner Banjo Man had his eye on.  I can’t say the food was great, but the local color was interesting.

And then we drove to Trader Joe’s for the frozen salmon filets.  Oh, how that Banjo Man loves grocery stores!  I was already planning where I would stop for iced coffee on the way home, but next to Trader Joe’s was the new store in town:  Duluth Trading Post.

Banjo Man took off like a magnet, shouting “I need pants!” as he crossed the parking lot.

Okay then.  I guess we’re in the right place.

IMG_3421I amused myself by taking photos of the funny signs all over the store while Banjo Man tried on a bug-repellant hat and cargo pants.  He ended up buying them both.

He didn’t need underwear, but the signs were compelling.

IMG_3416“Swagger without the swing?”  What a concept!  How I wish the men who wear pajama pants on airplanes (a new unwelcome trend) would wear these underwear.  There is quite enough “swinging” as they stuff their carry-on luggage into the bins above my head, thank you and their private parts bounce around near my head.

IMG_3417See the sign that says, “Free range boxer briefs?”

Oh, my God.  Please, gentlemen, do not go “free range” in public.  That’s for chickens, not your precious body parts.


They did have women’s clothing, and it looked nice.  But the colors didn’t appeal to me.  I would have bought a pair of khaki shorts but they only had charcoal, green and black.  You know, camping colors.

I don’t camp.  I do get sunburns, so maybe I’ll go back someday and buy a shirt to wear on the dock.

Oh, the dock….

It’s calling me.  I am packing up my non-free-range bathing suits and getting ready to head west.

2015-07-13 016

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2 Responses to when you need pants

  1. Ellie says:

    This is hilarious!😂😂😂😂😂 Great signs…what store is this? Are these stores only on the East coast? I would like to take a road trip just for a good belly laughing day!!

  2. Duluth Trading Company. A dozen stores in the Midwest, but this new one in RI is fun. They had a chain-saw competition for the Grand Opening last month. Pretty radical for the East Coast!

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