bye bye, little beasties

Something happened yesterday morning that is going to change my life.

No, I did not discover a new diet.  Or dye my hair back to brown.  Or take up wind surfing.

I called in a mouse-killing professional and he showed up at the door at 10:30.  He held a telescoping ladder (now I want one!) and slipped on little blue CSI booties.  His name was Chris and he had a flashlight.

And after he climbed into our attic and told me he had a solution to our mouse problems, it was love at first sight.


Every Saturday morning at from 9-10 is a show on the radio hosted by the owner of Big Blue Bug Solutions.  He answers all sorts of questions about mice and rats and spiders and ticks and bugs, bugs, bugs.

I love this show.  I once called in, when my mother had had two huge black snakes hibernating on top of her cable box.  But that’s another story.

When you build a house in the woods, which Banjo Man and I did twenty seven years ago, you are going to have an issue with mice.  Which we did.  Which we solved.  Every November we hear mice in our attic (and nowhere else in the house), Banjo Man buys poison at Home Depot, and the problem is solved.

This year?  Not happenin’.  No amount of poison would kill these mice.  I woke up at night hearing them above my head.  It was an endless source of frustration.  But getting Banjo Man to agree to hiring help was an more frustrating.  Finally, after one particularly noisy night, I filled out a contact form on the Blue Bug’s website.

Banjo Man was grumpy and skeptical, but agreed to let the technician give us a free inspection.

And that’s when “Chris” climbed into the attic, assured us we had mice and not squirrels (my big fear) and explained that the poisons now being sold to the public are not all that poisonous, due to environmental concerns.  BBBS has a different method:  they use blood thinners and self contained boxes.  Chris showed Banjo Man how to mouse-proof the outside of the house.  We also have a carpenter ant issue and Chris promised that would be taken care of, too.

It all sounded wonderfully lethal and efficient.  The cost was much cheaper than we had anticipated.  We signed on the dotted line.  Banjo Man beamed.  I did a little happy dance.

Last night Banjo Man and I opened a bottle of wine to celebrate.  After years of trying to convince my husband to call professional mouse-killers , I’d finally succeeded.  And we were both thrilled.

Now, flush with victory, I’m trying to decide on my next project.  I’m also trying not to spout, “I told you so” at every opportunity, but I’m doing it anyway.

I just can’t help myself.



Banjo Man’s future birthday gift.




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1 Response to bye bye, little beasties

  1. Marge says:

    Kristine. Having had mice running around in the ceiling when I was trying to sleep and carpenter ants for which we treated and treated and treated, I identify with your frustration.
    I finally lost it one day, when while sitting at the table having lunch, a carpenter ant dropped from our tongue and groove ceiling and landed in my soup right in front of me. I immediately called the owner of our pest service. There was no snow on his roof or mine after that conversation. He and two of his men drove out immediately and offered two choices. Use a prohibited chemical or tent the house. They started with the chemical. That worked!!!

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