early morning sunshine and the atlantic ocean



See the Towers in the background?

Yesterday Banjo Man and I went for a walk on the beach closest to our house, the “town beach”.  We arrived early, before we needed a sticker on our car in order to park in the small lot.  The beach itself was more of an obstacle course than a sandy stretch.  Winter winds have tossed huge mounds of rocks on the beach.


This morning we decided to try a different beach, a state beach just a few miles farther away from our house.  The sun was shining again–three mornings in a row!!–so at 7:20 AM we headed out.

Only to find the East Matunuck Beach parking lot gate was closed until 9 am, and then a state pass would be needed to get in.   We’d planned to be gone by 9, before the “beach traffic”.

I couldn’t believe the beach could be closed to walkers at 7:30 AM!  Any kind of parking is miles away, so that was disappointing.  I was fuming and fussing and complaining all the way back to the highway.  How dare they close the beach!

So we headed to Narragansett Pier, home of the “Towers” and the famous wall.  That parking lot was closed, too, but there was plenty of parking along the wall and a set of cement stairs down to the beach.

We proceeded to walk for 2 1/2 miles, all the way down to Narrow River and back.  It was cool and cloudy (I was sure it was going to rain on us on the trek back to the car) but we didn’t care.  We were going to pretend it was summer and enjoy our walk.

Want to see?


Narragansett Beach, facing Narrow River at the far end.


I think he was fishing for “stripers”.


Where Narrow River enters Narragansett Bay.


Now we are back home, having shaken the sand from our shoes.  Next Saturday project?  Shopping for a new kitchen sink and faucet!  Some time before fall we are going to find a plumber and replace our leaking kitchen plumbing.  Plumbers are very hard to find, so this could take a while…


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1 Response to early morning sunshine and the atlantic ocean

  1. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Gorgeous…so glad you have an amazing place to walk.

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