We have leaks, so it’s time to think about replacing our 27 year old kitchen plumbing, and that means under the sink, along with the actual sink and the faucet.

So we went to the fancy plumbing store Saturday morning.   We have affordable choices, thank goodness.

Do we stick with stainless steel? I love this one with the 70/30 split.


I like the low separator, too.

And then there’s the gorgeous cast iron sink.


It’s beautiful, but if we went with a large open sink like this one, I would have to use a dishpan.  And I hate dishpans.


And faucets?  High and swoopy or lower and straight?

I love the high, swoopy one but it is too tall for my kitchen and would look silly.

Which is sad. But true.

One must be realistic.

Banjo Man’s number one consideration was in which sink would it be easier to wash the crock pot.  I kid you not.

Which ones would you pick?

We also went to Home Depot to price countertops (I don’t think we’ll be doing that particular remodel though) and then to a Chinese restaurant for fried dumplings and the lunch specials.

All in all, a pretty successful trip…and this was after our 2 1/2 mile beach walk, too.

And now I am packing, because the lake awaits.  Three more days until summer begins!


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2 Responses to sinking

  1. Ellie says:

    I vote for the stainless steel sink. It would be easy to keep clean and Glen would be able to wash the crockpot!!!

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