no pants, no dill, no sun

Let’s address the “no pants” situation first, shall we?  Just so you don’t think I’m walking around the house in my underwear…yet.  For some insane reason I didn’t put my leggings or jeans in my suitcases and instead packed them in the boxes I mailed to myself.  Yesterday, after unpacking both suitcases, I was pretty surprised to realize I only had one pair of long pants and those were the blue leggings I wore on the plane.

I have a pair of shorts and a pair of exercise capris, but it is **cold** here right now.  My old white legs need to be covered.

My boxes should arrive on Tuesday.  This will be very exciting, as the temps are not supposed to rise any time soon.  Hint:  think October.  People around here wear long pants in October.

I woke up at 7, which is much better than waking up at 4 AM and means that I am finally operating on Pacific Daylight Time.  I hope this means I will stay up later than 7 PM tonight.  After downing a mug of coffee, I put on my now-baggy blue leggings, t-shirt and 12-year old gray Walmart zippered hoodie and went to town.

This is not a fashion statement you want to emulate.  Just sayin’.

First stop:  the Farmers Market.  I bought tomatoes here, but they had no dill plants.  The young woman who sold me my cherry tomato plants wore gloves, a winter coat and a wool stocking cap.  Note:  none of the plant vendors had dill.  Maybe it’s one of those plants you have to start from seed yourself?  (Does anyone know?)


Aren’t these peonies beautiful?  I didn’t splurge and buy them, but now I wish I had.

IMG_3535Then I hustled over to the Dollar Store and to Walmart.  I will absolutely not bore you with my search for rock salt for my new old-fashioned ice cream maker, but it got to the point where I was not leaving town without finding it.  No matter how long it took or how many stores I had to drive to.

I want to practice making ice cream before the Funny Grandson arrives.  Those hot summer days are right around the corner, right?  RIGHT?????

Pinterest has several hundred (if not thousands) of recipes.  I’ll start with vanilla and move on to huckleberry or blueberry.  Will keep you posted.

I splurged on new beach towels, but stayed clear of the bakery sections in both grocery stores.  Somehow I have lost my new favorite bathing suit from last year and I don’t know if the other two in the drawer are going to fit.

Do you sense a theme here?  Have I become a person who can’t keep track of her clothes?  What does this mean?

Maybe I don’t want to know.





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