groceries and giggles

Tuesday evening found me spending 4 hours in the Chicago Midway airport.

I don’t recommend it.

But in one of the gift shops I spotted this book.  Hilarious, right?  I didn’t buy it, but hope to find it in the local library when the Funny Grandson is here.IMG_3524

I roamed around and eventually stopped here for pizza.



I don’t recommend this either.

The plane to Spokane held at least 10 parents with small children, but because it was a late flight (we departed Midway at 9:30 PM) they fell asleep and it turned out to be a very quiet 4-hour flight.  I was at my hotel by 12:15 or so, which was 3 AM RI time, so I staggered to my room to meet My French Friend Janou!  She had volunteered to pick me up and take me back to the lake.  We planned to go to Costco Wednesday morning and load up on paper plates, pork roasts, burger and sausages.

But first we had breakfast there at the Hampton Inn and, despite a strange encounter with a furious young man over the waffle maker, enjoyed coffee and waffles while catching up on each other’s lives.



My cart in Costco.

Here’s someone who is serious about stocking up.


Here we are loading our purchases into MFFJanou’s truck.  She took advantage of a sale on bed pillows.


After Costco  we went to a quilt shop that MFFJ had seen the day before and thought I would like.  And I did!  They had a huge display of sewing machines, including the Janome 9400, the one that I’m thinking about purchasing in the fall.  I actually sat down and sewed a little on it.  Truthfully?  It was huge and complicated and scary.

The temperature was 92 in Spokane yesterday, but today here at the lake it’s cool and cloudy.  I’ve been washing the outdoor tables and chairs and getting the deck and porch ready for summer.  Later on I might make meatballs…or take a nap.

It’s going to take a while to unpack the suitcases.  But I’m not in any hurry.  It feels good to putter and clean and look at the lake.

I keep sitting down and staring at the mountains.  I’ll carry a chair or two down to the dock later, rain or shine.

It’s good to be at the lake at last.




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