blueberry day


Looking at all of these blueberries in my kitchen sink reminded me of the times I would watch my grandmother clean the wild blueberries we’d just picked.  She’d dump them all in the big cast iron sink and ready them for pies.  Leftovers would go into my favorite of all, blueberry pancakes.

I’d forgotten a seven year old’s excitement over seeing a gallon of berries in a sink until yesterday.

That was a long time ago.

Last month the Funny Grandson and I made blueberry jam together.  He was in charge of dumping the sugar into the pot and managed to stir the mixture on the stove for a few minutes before losing interest.  He wasn’t thrilled with the final product either, but everyone else here was.

So I’m going to make more.  Today.  Because I have very clean berries and very clean jars and…air-conditioning.

Yes, air conditioning.  We are having true summer weather now, with temps in the mid 90’s.  And the smoke from Canadian fires has filled the air and turned the blue skies gray and hazy.  The fires are far away from us, but the wind brings the smoke and these many dry days mean the fire danger is high.  Very high.

Last night some of the old band members came over to play some of our old songs and get out of the heat.  When it cooled down we ate dinner on the porch and talked until long after the smoke-covered sunset.

It was lovely.

So this morning I will make jam.  And this afternoon I intend to float in my inner tube and rest.  And tonight I am going to cut out many, many 5″ squares for baby quilts and watch episode 5 of “Loch Ness”, a murder mystery series set in Scotland.  Of course I have no idea who the serial killer is (I never do), but I love those Scottish accents and the scenery.

A perfect August day.

I hope you are enjoying your day, too.




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