smoke and jam

Can you tell it’s fire season?  The fires are far away, I hear.  In Canada.  But the wind blows the smoke here, as you can see.


This was taken around 4:00 Friday afternoon.  It looks strange, doesn’t it?

Yesterday I made 4 batches (23 jars!) of blueberry jam.


There are still plenty of berries leftover for cakes, but if I make blueberry cakes I will only eat them.  And I don’t need to eat cake.

A dilemma.

Perhaps I will be freezing several blueberry cakes to foist on my friends.  I like to eat blueberries like M&M’s, too, while I’m reading.   Those little suckers are addicting.

Enough blueberry chat.  I’m off to Spokane to pick up Banjo Man (he’s flying in from Portland) and need to get on the road early enough to have an hour in a quilt store that is having a 20% off sale on fabric.

Could there be anything more enticing?

I have it all planned.  Leave by 8 AM, get to the store when it opens at 10, shop for an hour and then hop back in the car and drive 30 minutes to the airport.

This is going to be a great morning.




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