banjo man’s return


Somehow every airport trip’s midpoint (maybe 1/3 point?) ends up at Jimmy John’s.  Banjo Man loves the tuna and I like the turkey with avocado.  We debate trying other places, sit down restaurants, etc. but the ease and speed of Jimmy John’s wins every time.

Banjo Man returned with a new smart phone (his first!) and a tablet.  He is quite thrilled and quite intimidated, so this is definitely a work in progress.  This morning we spent a couple of hours with them and then I had to take a break or start drinking tequila at 10 AM–not a good idea–and retreated downstairs to the exercise bike.

I am still hiding here on the lower level.  With iced tea.  I have songs to practice for next weekend and my guitar is friendlier than a Samsung Galaxy.

Check out the fabric for an Idaho baby’s quilt!


I couldn’t resist.

Yesterday’s stop at the quilt store was so much fun.  They had a good selection of fabric and a huge selection of sewing machines.  The salesman made me a vanilla latte and then we discussed the pros and cons of the Janome 6600 and the 9400.  The 9400 is much more expensive, but has the larger harp size and the fancy, invaluable lighting.

The 6600 looks almost exactly like the machine I have now, except for a brilliant feed dog system.  It made me happy just to look at it and its reputation is stellar.

So…is the extra quilting room and the fantastic lighting worth the extra $$$$??  Do I go for the fancy top-of-the-line machine with all the bells and whistles or stay in my comfort zone?

Fortunately I don’t have to decide for a few more months.

We are waiting for the breeze to die down so we can do a little kayaking.  The skies are not as hazy with smoke today, so we hope that means the Washington and Canadian fires are under control.

Fire danger is extremely high.  I’m glad we had our beachfront campfires in July, because we certainly won’t be enjoying any in the near future.

Happy Sunday, everyone.




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