old fashioned nor’easter

Last night the rain poured down and the wind wailed as a “nor’easter” swept along the coast.  Our lights flickered a lot, but unlike many other Rhode Islanders, we didn’t lose power.  This morning I made coffee and turned on the radio and computer, just as usual.

A lovely feeling.

I told Banjo Man I would help him pick up sticks later on, when the last of the storm has passed.  We lost some good-sized tree limbs which sounded like helicopter blades hitting the roof.  Since it is still dark I’ve yet to see anything except what landed on the front steps.

I do not like the sound of wind.

On the radio they are warning of slippery streets (due to wet leaves), thousands of power outages, school delays and red lights not working at intersections.  Sunrise won’t be for another hour and fifteen minutes, so driving anywhere right now won’t be pleasant.

A couple of weeks ago Harley Chick, her grandson and I went to a local quilt show in Westerly.  It happens every other year and I’ve managed to attend quite a few of them–sometimes with Harley Chick and sometimes with my mother or daughter.  I thought on this rainy dark morning I’d share some of the pictures with you.




A great way to use fat quarters.


I loved these colors.


See all the blue ribbons this received??

And my favorite picture?  Check out Harley Chick and her cute little grandson.  I think he would have been happier at a baseball game!  LOL!!!



“What do you mean, they don’t have snow cones?”

I bought tickets for raffle baskets–oh, my, were there some beautiful baskets piled high with wonderful items–and on Sunday afternoon got the call that I had won one of them.  I was in the ER with my mother at the time.  It was hour 5 with 3 more to go before Mom would be admitted to the hospital, so Banjo Man drove to Westerly to pick up my prize before the show ended.

It turned out to be a massive basket filled with fabric.  As in about $300 worth.  I was so excited when I saw it I forgot to take a picture, but trust me, it was gorgeous.

Here’s some of what was in it:



Feeling lucky.

After such a long and frightening time in the ER, this truly was the highlight of my day.

As my mother continues to recover in the rehab section of the local nursing home, I find myself playing with fabric during the times I am home here in my office/sewing room.  I’ve dragged two bins of unfinished quilt projects from the closet shelves and am determined to finish them before starting something new.  I don’t have the time for anything complicated right now, so this works just fine.

Mom is slowly improving and very much looking forward to returning to her cozy apartment in her assisted living facility.  She misses her friends and all the social stuff.  And it is not easy dealing with physical therapy and a hospital-like environment, but she is keeping her eye on the prize:  independence once again.

And don’t we all love our independence!

It is time for more coffee as I listen to the wind blow.  I think if we were going to lose power it would have happened by now, so I think it’s safe to plug in the new sewing machine and start getting something accomplished.

Happy Monday, everyone.  Enjoy the day.







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