tools of the trade


Meet the Accufeed Flex.  It’s a walking foot on steroids and…I love it.

Well, I love it when I can figure out how to attach it.  That was a mystery at first, until a kind quilter in my online sewing group told me what I was doing wrong.

I did it all wrong on this baby quilt last week.


I am hoping that once it is washed and dried no one will notice the tight quilting seams due to the fact that I didn’t know how to engage the foot.  The foot is designed to glide, from the top and from the bottom, feeding several layers of fabric in perfect harmony.


This Accufeed foot is one of the major reasons why I bought the new machine.  I even ordered special Accufeed feet for it, because I am always in pursuit of the perfect seam, the perfect stitch, the right tension.  Blocks go together when corners match and seams line up.  And if they don’t?  I don’t worry about it.  I figure I gave it my best shot and because I don’t make “show quilts”, no one is going to judge my work.

That’s comforting.  I spent thirty years fretting over book reviews and hoping Romantic Times, etc. would give my latest work 4 or 5 stars and some ecstatic comments.   Sometimes that happened and sometimes it…didn’t.

It’s difficult to create when you wondering what the critics will say, when that devil on your shoulder is whispering words of negativity and doubt.

Making quilts is such a different process.  And when the quilt is finished?  Just like a finished manuscript, it goes on its way.  With my love.

(But it doesn’t come back with revisions from the editor and line edit notes in the margins!)


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