the quiltmaker’s gift


My French Friend Janou sent this to me for my birthday.  It’s about a quiltmaker who only makes quilts to give away and a greedy king who will do anything to get one of them.

MFFJ thought I would love reading this to the Funny Grandson, a kid who really loves his grandmother’s quilts.

Be still my heart.

Here’s the inside flap:


The story is wonderful and the illustrations are brilliant.

As I am working through my least favorite sewing chores this morning–stitching labels on quilt gifts and readying boxes to take to the Post Office–reading this book with my morning coffee was a reminder of how special quilts can be.

Loved it.  Thank you, my friend.



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1 Response to the quiltmaker’s gift

  1. Ellie says:

    What a precious thoughtful gift! A true gift from the heart💖
    I am so grateful that our family has a few of your quilts made with so much love. Your quilt gave me so much comfort when I was ill. They have magical healing energy. ✨

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