so far so good


Earlier this morning.  Ben cleans off the car.

I know that many of you out there in Idaho and Nebraska and points west of us are shaking your heads over a January blizzard.  You’ve been through them a zillion times.

You.  Know.  Snow.

And you know all about arctic temperatures and mighty winds.

You’ve been there, done that, over and over again.

For some reason this storm seems more intense, more dangerous, than others we’ve experienced here in New England.  The snow is coming fast and heavy.  It will stay fast and heavy throughout the day and into the evening.  We’ve been warned that there will be a coating of ice on top of all of this (15″?) snow, and then a certain plunge to temperatures of -20 for three days.

A windy rainstorm last fall exposed our state’s faulty electric infrastructure.  A minor storm caused power outages across the state, outages that lasted up to one week.  No one could believe it and yet…

The governor and those in the know have told everyone to prepare for living without electricity for the near future.  The worst is yet to come in the next three hours.  “Warming centers” have been set up in every town, though how anyone is expected to get to one is beyond me.

We have propane stoves, so we are not going to freeze.  We are prepared with lots of water and all sorts of food.  We’re not going anywhere and will be fine.  We have batteries and candles and cell phones and blankets.

I’m going to post this while I still have electricity.



At 11 am:  He’d rather be in Texas.



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2 Responses to so far so good

  1. Tom F says:

    We haven’t had one of those wet, heavy snows here in Nebraska for years – the kind that breaks tree limbs and takes down electric lines. Hope your power stays on !

  2. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Oh, my…I’m thinking about you, and wondering how Ben is going to get back to TX. Be careful with all of that snow shoveling. Yikes. Well, now we know what a bomb cyclone is. Love and WARM thoughts to you all.

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