a note from the arctic freeze

The good news:  the bomb cyclone winter storm is over.

The bad news:  it’s 0 degrees this morning, with a wind chill factor of -26.

The good news:  we have electricity.

The bad news:  we are low on propane and therefore conserving heat by using the propane fireplaces very little and using our electric heat a lot.  We look forward to Monday’s delivery!

The good news:  we are recovering from the virus/bronchitis/Texas bug that we got in Austin.

The bad news:  we are recovering very, very slowly.  This thing is hard to get rid of!

The good news:  Son Ben is safely back home in Texas.

The bad news:  we miss him.

The good news:  starting tomorrow, the arctic blast is over and normal winter temperatures will resume.

The bad news:  it’s still January.



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2 Responses to a note from the arctic freeze

  1. Phyllis Nolan says:

    So good to hear that #1 Son is back home. Don’t know how you did that, but yeah! So glad you have power. At least light makes the cold more bearable, Praying for your speedy recovery.

    • I changed his flights *before* the storm, allowed an extra day to dig out and then booked him through the Midwest to avoid coastal problems. My Inner Travel Agent was in her glory!
      I hope you are doing better, too. We think of you so often.

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