more cleaning, more stitching


The Not-Quite-Death Cleaning Continues

Another day, another closet…

No, not really.  Two is my limit this month.  But I went through a lot of stuff.  Really, why did I keep the sugar packet from a date with Banjo Man to Cape Cod?  And why did I keep the shower cap from our fancy honeymoon hotel in Montreal?

I cannot answer those questions.  Trust me when I say that such things are no longer in a box in the closet.

Such ruthless cleaning solved my boot storage problem.


The “I Will Finish These Quilt Projects This Winter If It Kills Me” continues.

This is a Spiderweb quilt, made from scraps.  It’s pretty heavy, especially after being basted and ready for stitching.  I bought some heavy duty needles and I’m hoping I can stitch through all the layers.  I think it will become a huge wall hanging, because it might be too heavy to sleep under.

I dug out a special white, gold and black top, all basted and ready to stitch.  Banjo Man immediately claimed it for his own.  The stitching is taking quite a bit of time, but I like the way it’s turning out.  I think it will take another couple of weeks to finish, even if I work on it every day.


In the same storage box was this old purple “Chinese Boxes” quilt, about 2/3 finished.  It was one of my first attempts at free motion quilting, so it’s a bit primitive.  Little by little it’s getting done.

This wild quilt is having its binding hand stitched on while we watch the Olympics.  I’m going to call it “Go for the Gold”!!!!  LOL!!!


At least if I prick my finger with my needle, the blood won’t show!

Oh, my goodness.  This was a mystery quilt and I followed the directions according to color and design, but…these colors?  Never again!

But I am emptying boxes of all shapes and sizes, fighting off the winter depression that threatens to overwhelm me every year, and getting stuff DONE.

It’s one way to get through February, besides tequila.


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1 Response to more cleaning, more stitching

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Holy cow! As they say in Wisconsin. .. you go girl!

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