notes from austin

Yep, we made it to Texas.

It’s a sunny morning here.  Banjo Man has walked to his happy place, the HEB grocery store.  And I am here at the condo wearing shorts and drinking coffee.

Will is at work making magic with brisket.

The big news is that the Leaning Tree has been removed, our wires are intact and ready to survive the new storm coming later on today.

Neighbors Ginny and Ken texted me last night to announce the sight of National Grid trucks in our driveway.   Good news to get while waiting for the flight from Baltimore to Austin to take off!!!!

And Ken just called to say the driveway was clear and the tree was gone.

Happy dance!!!  I am so tired of worrying about that tree and waiting for the power to fail.

Our trip here was easy, despite having to speed walk from one end of the Baltimore airport to the other to arrive in time to board a near empty plane.  When do you ever hear a flight attendant say, “please spread out!”

Such luxury.

Will picked us up at the airport and off we went to have a late night dinner at the Magnolia Cafe, which is a tradition.

It’s good to be in our little Texas home.  Tomorrow we’ll see Son #1, Amber and the Funny Grandson.  He’s going to spend the night here, skip school and hang out with Party Grandma.

I predict blueberry pancakes and root beer floats.


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2 Responses to notes from austin

  1. Ruth says:

    So glad you made it safely! Watching the sky get darker and darker…:-(

  2. Phyllis Nolan says:

    So relieved you are out of harm’s way! Enjoy your family time.

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