movies worth the time

We splurged on a couple of months of HBO via Amazon Prime, so these movies came via that subscription.  We’ll be watching a few more offerings on this channel before we cancel it and become frugal again.

Last night we watched this movie:

hidden figures

I love based-on-true-events stories and this one was a jaw-dropping look into the 1960’s, with all of its unimaginable prejudices and faults.  Three African American women–math geniuses–work for NASA and the race to get John Glenn into space.  Fabulous!  The best part was the end, when the credits rolled and we learned what happened to these women and how much they accomplished in their lives.

We loved it.

Wednesday night we watched this movie:


I wasn’t expecting much–but as I said to Banjo Man, “We know it will be better than ‘Hector’.”

He agreed, so we settled in with our salads and I clicked “play”.

This story centered on an uncle’s determination to give his seven-year old math-genius niece a real life, one with friends and Girl Scouts and normalcy.  He has good reasons for doing so, but his mother has other ideas.  The relationship between the uncle and the niece is absolutely adorable without being sappy.  We couldn’t anticipate how they would all get to a happy ending, but of course eventually it worked out.  Lots of little twists and turns along the way and lots of believable dialogue and characters.

In other words, a pleasure.

Tonight’s film could be “Lion”, starring Nicole Kidman.  Banjo Man’s been resisting this one, but I think it’s time.  Son Will has recommended “Captain America” (the first one), so that is also an option (but we have to pay to rent it).

Spring is not here in Rhode Island, so we’re still in “Winter Evenings on the Couch” mode.  Snow is forecast for tomorrow night and the wind blows cold every day.  To be fair, this state is not known for its lovely springs.  One day I’ll wake up and it will be 80 degrees with 90% humidity, the beaches will be open and the tourists will be clogging the roads.

And in 62 days I’ll be back at the lake.




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5 Responses to movies worth the time

  1. Connie Burkhart says:

    Here’s a couple of good ones: About Time and The Big Sick. (My last comment posted so you won’t be able to get rid of me now.)

  2. Marge Fidrich says:

    Snow in Omaha today

  3. Marge Fidrich says:

    Loved Hidden Figures.

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