a party for #92


Ginny made this “s’mores” cake.  Yum.

Mom turned 92  yesterday, so on Sunday we had a little dinner party with seafood gumbo and birthday cake (always a good combination for a woman born in New Orleans).

I broke out the ruby-flashed glasses and matching napkins.


The magnolia napkin rings were purchased at an outlet store 20 years ago.  I must have gotten a really good deal because I bought a lot of them.

And then I put them away and never used them.  In my “death cleaning” this winter I pulled them out of the closet where they’d been safely and carefully stored in one of my beloved plastic containers.  I vowed to use them this year or give them away.


So here they are.  Why haven’t I used them before?  Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

I have no excuse.

It was a lovely afternoon, though we missed our friends Mayme and George (housebound with health issues) very much.

IMG_0873 Happy Birthday, Mom!

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1 Response to a party for #92

  1. Ellie says:

    Happy Fabulous Birthday, Otis! 💐🎂💃😍💥 Wishing you days of love, happiness and good health! Party on!!! Sending warm loving hugs from Hope!💖

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