fantastic mr. fox and what the heck is on my wall?

Son Will engineered a movie night for his sick mother last month.  Remember when I was stuck in Texas with the Neverending Evil Virus?  Well, as I started to recover and wasn’t coughing every three seconds, Will decided we should watch one of his favorite movies and eat gourmet coffee chocolate chip ice cream.

There was no argument from me.


I’m not a huge animated movie fan, but Will was right.  It was absolutely hilarious (and inspired way too many coughing fits).  I’m hoping the Funny Grandson hasn’t seen it so we can watch it together at the lake in July.  It would be a perfect movie for a night when everyone else is camping.

But I digress…

Let’s talk about this morning.

As I was stripping my bed (I don’t care how cold it is outside, it is time for the electric blanket to be stored until next December!!!) I noticed something odd on the stone wall outside of my bedroom window.  Was that blob of golden brown…fur???


It stayed like that for an hour.  I was sure it was an animal, but then again could it be a dead pine tree?  I know I need new glasses…

Banjo Man came upstairs and I showed it to him.  At that moment it lifted its head, proving it was an animal.  A fox?  A coyote?

A fox.  Definitely a fox.  A very large one.


The neighbors enjoy shooting guns in their gravel pit on Sundays, but the sounds of gunshots only made Mr. Red Fox sit up, yawn, scratch his neck, and return to his nap.  He’s either deaf or exhausted.

Or as used to the sound of gunfire as we are.



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1 Response to fantastic mr. fox and what the heck is on my wall?

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Wow..a fox…how wonderful! The Wildlife Rehabbers Assoc. Have 2 baby foxes they are caring for (WRARI) and are seeking donations to help support them.

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