rain, planes and football games

Banjo Man is on his way to Nebraska.  We left the house in drenching, pouring, driving, miserable RAIN at 3:30 AM.  I guess this is the same storm system that covered the upper midwest with snow.

We’ll take the rain, thank you.

But along with the rest of country, we’re wondering where the he** Spring is!

Anyway, Banjo Man is off to Lincoln and the SUV I rented for him so he could travel all over the city seeing his friends (Hi, Tom!) and buying runzas and picking people up at the airport.

(Runzas are meat and cabbage-stuffed packets of dough and are delicious).


Click on this to read about the Runza stores:

I plan to have a runza, onion rings and a mini vanilla shake at the very first opportunity.  


Oh, yes, did I tell you?  I’m flying to Nebraska, too.  On Friday.  As are Ben and Will.  It’s going to be a Cornhusker Spring Game Welcome Scott Frost Family Reunion Pizza Party Extravaganza.

I’d assumed the Spring Game would be hot and sunny.  I bought #70 sunscreen.  But…the forecast is for rain.  We’ll be wearing plastic ponchos and wool sweaters.

Go Big Red!

frost tshirt

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2 Responses to rain, planes and football games

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Love the t shirt. And the plan. Sun today!

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