fixing things on the list

I took my computer into the experts at “Right Click” computer repair shop Tuesday afternoon.  The very young man behind the very long counter listened to my computer woes and then turned on my laptop.

“Edge” worked.  My Edge Start Menu worked.  These were things that hadn’t worked since January 17th (I would later look in the depths of my computer and discover they’d reinstalled themselves on April 7).

It was embarrassing.  Like the time I took Sarge into the dentist.  He was about ten and had been complaining of tooth pain for days.  The dentist called me into the exam room and said, “Look.”

I really didn’t want to.  I’m squeamish when it comes to teeth and dentists.

But Sarge obediently opened his mouth and when I looked inside there was no tooth.  To this day I don’t know what little-boy-Sarge was complaining about.  To say the dentist was disgusted with both of us would be an understatement.

Anyway, fast forward to Tuesday…

With the prompt emergence of Edge, I immediately realized I had just landed in the “Old White-haired Confused Lady” category at  Right Click.

Fortunately–well, not really–my Microsoft Photo Viewer was actually broken, which I suspected.  And the young man’s attempts to download a new one didn’t work due to slow downloading speed.  So he chose another photo program and made that my default.  I don’t like it nearly as well as the original, but I’ve had no luck downloading it either.  “Dylan” and I might have to try again.

He didn’t charge me anything.  Isn’t that sweet?  I really appreciated his kindness.  I need to write an online review and praise him for his patience.

Another issue around here was a very bad sound coming from the Highlander.  Banjo Man and I stared in horror at the engine and then drove my mother’s car to the airport instead.  I took my car and its noise into the repair shop Tuesday morning.  And then I went home and looked up “used Highlanders” on

Fortunately our wonderful old car only needed a new power steering line.

Sigh of relief.

Tomorrow morning I fly to Omaha.  It’s an early flight and at first I’d intended to spend the night at the airport’s Hampton Inn, leaving my car in their lot and taking the shuttle at 4 AM.  But they were booked up parking-wise, so I’m going to drive in early and try a new valet parking lot.

I always fly Southwest.  And I always sit in the window seat near the wing.

My heart just breaks for the family of the woman who died this week.  Some members of the grieving family are dear friends.

There are no words.

Please send a prayer to the family.

I expect somber flights tomorrow.  I will sit on the aisle.   My seat belt will be uncomfortably snug.  And I’ll pay more attention to the safety demonstrations.

Did you know that most people on that flight didn’t have their masks on properly?  The mask has to go on over your nose and mouth.  People put them on over their mouth only.

Something to remember.

Much love to all,
More Pie




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2 Responses to fixing things on the list

  1. Tom F says:

    Remember to waive at me at the game on Saturday. Have Fun! Tom

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