goose war

They come in a gang of a dozen.  Or a little group of three.  Or eleven of them with five goslings.

They poop on my beach.  Massive amounts of poop, people!  I’m not talking about the normal byproducts of living with nature in a beautiful lakeside area.  I’m talking cesspool here.   A place where no one would dare go barefoot.  Ever.

I bought a leaf rake for clearing a path through it.  And I moved the beach chairs down close to the water to block the geese from stepping on the beach.  I didn’t remember this problem ever happening like this before, so I had to google “how to repel geese”.  I found very few solutions.

This year the people in town, at the City Beach, have hired a man with Border Collies to patrol their beach and large grassy lawn.  I wonder if that’s working.

My neighbors down the lake said they get up at 4 AM and “shoot” the geese with plastic balls via slingshots.  The geese aren’t injured, of course, but they do slowly waddle back into the lake.  This neighbor has a large green lawn, a prime goose-dining area.  I figure they eat there and swim over to my rocky beach to poop.

I’m not anti-goose.  But with 148 square miles of lake for them to cruise, I just wish they’d poop elsewhere.  At least in June, July and August.

One of the articles I read said to decorate the beach with shiny Mylar waving things, like pinwheels.  So I went to the Dollar Store and bought what little stuff I could find.  The next morning I woke up at 4:45, needing to get the beach goose-proof before they made their morning visit.


Believe it or not, I think this might be working, despite it looking like the aftermath of a drunken luau.

I’ll keep you posted.








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