the strange gift


Someone dropped this off in the driveway Saturday afternoon.  I don’t know who it was because I was sound asleep in the living room.  Stretched out with my feet on a hassock, a quilt draped over me while the television showed an episode of “Escape to the Country” (the British version of House Hunters) I wouldn’t have heard a logging truck, never mind a slab of a tree, arrive.

In my defense, I’d been up early.  I’d gone to the laundromat, the grocery store and Home Depot.  I’d unloaded groceries, baked a couple of cakes and dried the clothes.

I needed a nap.

Banjo Man says he can explain it, so I’ll wait until he gets here to hear “the rest of the story”.  I never know what that man is up to.

Feel free to guess.


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