he’s baaaaack


The Funny Grandson has returned to the lake for the fourth summer in a row.  He and his mom arrived Saturday night, as did Banjo Man.  I had a happy car full of family and suitcases on the way home from the airport!

Want to know how cold it is?  Well, if you look at the above picture you will notice that the kid with the plate of blueberry pancakes in front of him is wearing his winter jacket.  He insisted on having breakfast on the chilly porch so he could “see the lake”.

And it’s not exactly summer here yet.  We don’t know where summer is or when it is going to arrive.  The 10-day forecast is not looking good.

But strangely enough, we’re having one hell of a good time despite the temperature.  Our visiting Texans are pleased to be out of 100 degree heat.

The Funny Grandson’s father is stuck in Dallas at a week-long educational conference and has made some very, very sad phone calls to us.  He is feeling pathetic and left out.

We’ll see him Monday.

In the meantime we’ll keep driving around the peninsula each day “counting deer” (24 sightings today, 28 yesterday).  And going to Clark Fork for ice cream and the library.  We eat cookies and Bing cherries and hamburgers.  Tomorrow we’re making our own huckleberry ice cream and hoping it turns purple.  We chase the geese off the beach.  And watch the sunsets from the dock.  Oh, and we play Super Heroes UNO.  We’ve been to the Cabinet Gorge Dam to watch the giant waterfalls and even drove east far enough to see the “Welcome to Montana” sign.

And we spent three hours searching for the FG’s life jacket this morning.  It was finally discovered inside a cooler under a stack of plastic tablecloths.

Life is good.




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2 Responses to he’s baaaaack

  1. Tom F says:

    Summer has arrived – the temperature will catch up. Enjoy your family.as I know you will.

  2. Pat says:

    Sounds like a very good life indeed. Savor these days!

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