return to blogging

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I’ve posted anything on the blog.

And I have so much to say!!!

The reason I’ve been silent?  Well, the Funny Grandson has been here since June 23 and I have been nowhere near my computer during that time.  We have had SO MUCH FUN.

Banjo Man and I are pretty sad and pathetic this morning.  Yesterday we drove Son #1 (Ben aka Bass Guitar Man aka Song Man)  and the FG to the airport to start their journey home to Texas.  It was 107 in Austin Monday.   They were heading into a heat wave in an already hot area.

The FG was sad about leaving Idaho, but very happy to see his mother again.  It had been more than two weeks without her, which is a very long time when you are seven.

On the ride to the airport he explained that he had “conflicting” feelings.  Yes, he used the word “conflicting”.  The kid loves Idaho, what can I say?

Banjo Man and I did a few errands on the way home from the airport and ended up in a Sandpoint restaurant for lunch.   Neither one of us was in a hurry to go back to an empty house and leftover hot dogs.  Once we were back at the lake (temperature 91-wow), I fell asleep in a chair for an hour.  I finished up the frozen peanut butter pie for dinner and Banjo Man ate a salad much later, after the sun went down.  We attempted to cheer ourselves up by watching an episode of “Anne with an E”, season 2, on Netflix, but it wasn’t the same as playing Mexican Train dominoes with the grandson.

Today the house is very quiet and empty.  I did not make blueberry pancakes or scramble three eggs or fix a bowl of berries for my happy little house guest.

The only excitement was when we heard the barge crossing the bay with a big crane.  The FG loves to watch the barge head out to the lake.  But when the motor stopped and smoke billowed out of the tugboat?  When it drifted into shore to the former resort across the bay?  Was it planned or just bad luck?

The FG would have had his binoculars in hand, spouting theories and questions as the smoke puffed into the sky.


See the white house on the far right?  I need to call the friend who lives there and arrange a dinner date at the floating restaurant this weekend.  Banjo Man’s birthday is coming up next week.  We need to celebrate!

In the upcoming posts, I’ll tell you about our brush with death, the lake quality scare, the 4th of July and various other adventures.   It has been a busy month food-wise, too, with blueberry pound cakes, raspberry Oreo pies, a chocolate fountain and berry picking.

As the saying goes…


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