still moping

Yes, Banjo Man and I are still moping around wishing the Funny Grandson and his parents and his uncle were back at the lake with us.

We’re trying to rally.

In fact, one of the Montana Kathy’s is coming over to sit on the dock with me this afternoon.  We are going to drink espresso root beer floats and talk about life.

This evening My French Friend Janou and her husband are coming over for dinner on the porch.  I have defrosted some spicy pulled pork and made coleslaw.  We will load up tortillas and then eat peaches and homemade ice cream.

(I’m not pleased with the peaches.  The first peaches of the season are never my favorites, though I buy them because I just have to buy peaches, of course.  I just peeled 20 of them and had to add lemon, sugar and cinnamon to punch up the flavor.)

We have been talking about what we’ll do on Banjo Man’s birthday next week and I think we’ve decided to go to a fancy restaurant on the other side of town.  Fancy restaurants are not usually what we gravitate towards, but we’re determined to do something adventurous.

Speaking of adventurous, yesterday Banjo Man went swimming.  How is that adventurous, you ask?  Well, if you knew how cold this lake is you’d be impressed.  Most people dive in, yelp and come up for air sputtering, “Well, that was refreshing!”

Refreshing is a nice way to say “this water is so cold I can’t feel my feet”.

I have not gone in yet.  There are some hot days coming up next week so it’s sure to happen soon.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the moose.


Once a year Banjo Man takes a nap on the dock.




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1 Response to still moping

  1. Pat says:

    Tell Banjo Man I’m jealous. That looks so peaceful and relaxing.

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