banjo man’s new baby

Happy Birthday, Banjo Man!

img_1506.jpgThis is the new member of our musical instrument collection:  a plectrum banjo.  It’s a beautiful vintage instrument and is exactly what Banjo Man has been searching for.  It came from that hotbed of banjo players:  Utah.  (Huh?)

Do not ask me what a plectrum banjo is.  Banjo Man has explained it several times and I still don’t get the concept.  It is a 4-string banjo but not a tenor.  And there you  have it.

This morning we are going kayaking, in honor of Banjo Man’s birthday.  The lake is like glass right now and it is a bit cloudy.  As soon as I finish typing this I will tug on my bathing suit and find my life jacket.

Yesterday we actually went swimming!

This evening we’re heading to a fancy restaurant near Sandpoint for a special dinner.  I’m very excited about going out.  Last night I grilled marinated chicken breasts and steamed corn on the cob.

That just about did me in.  I would eat cheese and crackers and drink wine for every dinner for the rest of the summer.

We are still trying to adjust to Life Without The Grandson.  We were so spoiled having him here for an entire month.

Back to the banjo…Banjo Man is thrilled.  He is taking lessons on you tube, as the plectrum banjo has a different tuning than a tenor or a regular banjo and therefore all the chords are new and different.

So, happy birthday!  Pluck away!




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