smoky sunday sunset


The sun was red.  You can see the haze that is really smoke from the California (and Oregon and British Columbia) fires.  It’s coming in thicker every day.

This was Sunday night at a nearby RV resort and restaurant.  They have music on the lawn, facing the beach, docks and water.


Here we are enjoying ourselves.  I’ve never been to a Sunday evening here before, so I was determined that this would be the year.  To heck with the smoke!  I packed a picnic of wine, cheese, crackers, chips and salsa.  I tossed plastic wine glasses in the basket and was ready to party.


Doug–our music teacher–and Marty entertained the crowd.

Today the smoke has come in much thicker than the previous days.  It smells like a campfire outside, so we have the windows closed.

We are waiting for rain, as are millions of others sitting in smoke and fire zones.  And we check the updates on the Cougar Fire, only five miles away.

It’s August and this is what we do.



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1 Response to smoky sunday sunset

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Here we are in the northeast drowning and you are burning. I wish I could send you, and everyone west of you, half of our rain.

    Interesting though. .because it was so dry here for so long our maple tree is dropping leaves like it is October and trees have actually started turning color. Very strange weather.

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