touristy day in town

Saturday was a big day for Sandpoint (as is today).  So much going on!  This year I was bound and determined to do it all, so I hustled Banjo Man out of the house at 8:45 in order to get a parking spot in town without having to walk a mile or two in the heat.

That worked.  Except…Banjo Man forgot his wallet.  And left the cooler behind.

Now there is a policy here when you live thirty minutes away from the nearest grocery store:  you always have a cooler in your car.  Just in case.

Banjo Man broke the rule.  And not for the first time.  I can see how I will have to be on Cooler Patrol for the rest of the summer.  He can’t be trusted.

So sadly there would be no purchasing of artisan goat cheese at the Farmer’s Market.  We bought breads and a game and huckleberry sauce and a gift or two.  I gave Banjo Man half of my cash.

Then we wandered through the Arts & Crafts Festival, which was as wonderful and varied as always.  I did find the best birthday gift in the universe for Son #2.  Banjo Man and I were mesmerized watching the demo.  Deer antlers were involved, that’s all I can say (until after October 24th).

At 11 AM we were hot and thirsty and I was even a little bit dizzy–the heat always gets to me–so we found a booth at MickDuff’s, a burger and beer restaurant on First.  Since Banjo Man was no longer driving due to his non-wallet issue, he decided to drink a few beers and relax.

I was itching to get to the quilt show, but I bit my tongue and practiced patience.  Sort of.

Eventually we made it out of MickDuff’s and walked the three blocks to the community hall, where there was a great display of quilts to peruse.  Banjo Man loves quilts and quilt shows and quilters, so he had a good time (believe it or not).

When I looked at my photos last night, this is what I saw:

On the left is a vegetable stand from the market.  On the right is a gorgeous quilt.  Funny how the colors are so similar!

I want to try the quilting pattern in the big yellow square, so I took a pic to remember it.


We went on to the grocery store, where Banjo Man lost his sunglasses by leaving them in his shopping cart.  He roamed through the store until he found a woman pushing the cart with his glasses in it.

After that drama was over I treated myself to a frozen iced coffee and waited in the car while he went into Walmart for oranges and lemons.

Because, you know, Walmart is the only store in the northwest that carries lemons and oranges.

This morning the air smells smoky but the sun is trying to get through and doing a fine job.  We’re expecting a much cooler day (mid 70’s?) before the summer heat returns tomorrow.

We’re taking advantage of the cool air and doing some cleaning.  And later?  Music outdoors at Beyond Hope, with wine and cheese and a glorious sunset.

Life at the lake continues…



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