pumpkins, friends and more


Barb and Kris, still together 54 years later.

Yes, we are sitting on pumpkins and having a conversation.  That’s what old friends do, especially when one of them has a pumpkin patch.

I absolutely love spending time with this woman.  Can you tell?


Your brain on drugs.


All the beautiful shapes and sizes and colors.

Meanwhile, back at home, I settled for plastic…


and velvet.



Not as good as the real thing, though.  If I didn’t travel so much, I think I’d have my very own pumpkin patch, just so I could admire them.


If Banjo Man wasn’t on the couch watching the Patriots play, I think I’d beg him to go with me to the local farm to see the pumpkins and take pictures.  Instead I’ll go stir the sausage potato soup and curl up on the couch with a good book.

Oh, yes, and I’m going to make pumpkin bread!



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