a star is born

a star is born

Last week my daughter and I headed to the movies for some “girl time”.  This was the movie of choice for the afternoon (we would head to dinner after the show), because who doesn’t love Bradley Cooper or Lady Gaga?

We loved it.  Lady Gaga can act!  And when she started singing I had goosebumps run down my spine.  What a voice!

While I adored Brad’s blue eyes, his mumbling his lines at times was frustrating.  Unfortunately he seemed to be channeling Kris Kristofferson (whose music I have loved for 50 years) with his sexy, growling voice.  I’m sure all that country-boy-western-cowboy murmuring is pretty darn hot when a good-looking musician is rubbing his beard on your cheek, but those of us in the audience would like to hear the exact words, thank you.

It’s a sad movie, of course.  Brad’s character had demons no one could fix.  I thought his solution, while he thought he was being noble, was just plain mean.

I want to see the Kristofferson/Streisand version of the movie again.  Maybe we need another “girls night” on the couch!



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