at last, thank God


Coach Frost and the Tunnel Walk, as seen on Banjo Man’s Big TV.

Light the fireworks!  Cue the band!  Beat the drums and shout Hallelujah!

The Cornhuskers won a game Saturday night.  A massive sigh of relief was heard o’er the land.

It was a stressful game.  Aren’t they all?  We had to leave during the third quarter (at a time when things had started to look bleak for our team), as one of Banjo Man’s clients was playing at a local restaurant.  We met Barb & Rod for dinner (hadn’t seen them since last May!), so I enjoyed a hot lobster roll and some great guitar-playing at the same time I got to hear about their recent trip to Scotland.  Win-win-win.

When we got home, Banjo Man didn’t want to know how the game ended, so he waited downstairs while I turned on the tv and scrolled through the taping of the game to the spot where we had left off.  Then he settled himself on the couch to watch the last of the third quarter and the entire fourth quarter.  Oh, the stress!

I couldn’t stand the suspense, so I sneaked a peek at my phone to find the final score:  Huskers 53, Minnesota 28.

It has been a tough season.  Our new coach has had his hands full changing the culture of Husker football and the players have had varying degrees of success learning to do things “the right way”, as their Coach says.  And “the right way” is not just on the football field, but “in life”.

We know it’s going to take a few years for our team to become competitive again, but Saturday’s win sure felt good.  The kids and the coaches definitely deserved it.








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