23 days away


Bring on the turkey!

Thanksgiving isn’t 23 days away, but the arrival of Son #1, Amber and the Funny Grandson is.  They have a week off and are flying in to spend it with us.

We are so excited.

This will be the first Thanksgiving since 1990 that my three kids have been together at home.  Will is flying in for the long holiday weekend to make that happen.


Thanksgiving, 2017.

Thanksgiving is easy.  Mayme brings appetizers and Ginny bakes all the desserts.  I just have to figure out the timing of the turkey and make room in the oven for the baking of all of the casseroles.  Setting the tables is the fun part and I plan to iron the tablecloths while watching football next Saturday.

But in 23 days we’ll pick up the kids at the airport and have some fun days doing touristy stuff.  So I am making meals now and freezing them for those evening meals after busy days of fun.  I try to do something every day.  Yesterday was pumpkin bread.  Today is chicken enchiladas.  Last week?  Groceries, groceries, groceries.  Meatballs.  Shepherd’s pie.

Banjo Man is attempting to finish his man cave kitchenette.  New flooring will be installed in that area.  An electrician is coming to wire a plug for the stove.  The basement stairs are on schedule to be carpeted.

It is all very exciting.

The Funny Grandson is hoping for snow (Party Grandma is not).  The little Texan has visions of something like this:


He is the only one.





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