the end of cold feet?

Banjo Man’s cold feet take up a lot of time in our little world.

Over the years I’ve bought him electric heating pads, an under-desk electric foot warmer, a hot water bottle shaped like a boa constrictor, dozens of wool socks.

Nothing works for long.  He’s back in front of one of the gas fireplaces, holding his bare feet as close to the heat as possible without burning his toes off.

Last week he came to me asking, “I need new slippers.  Can you find some for me online?”

Of course I could.  I can find anything online.  It’s my other super power (spoiling little children being the other one).  I googled for slipper reviews and found these:

“The coziest indoor shoes money can buy.” – Men’s Journal

Hailing from Denmark — a country that knows a thing or two about how to stay cozy when it’s cold outside — Glerups’ slip-on boots, shoes and slippers are a house favorite here at HBHQ, and one of our favorite gifts to give friends and family. Each pair is handcrafted from toasty 100% pure, natural wool, which naturally wicks moisture from your feet so they’re always warm and dry. We love slipping into these bad boys and think you will too.


  • Made from toasty 100% pure, natural wool
  • Felted wool uppers wick moisture for dry, comfortable feet
  • Double layer felted wool insole for double the softness and comfort
  • Easy-on, easy-off coziness
  • Flexible, lightweight and slip-resistant calfskin sole
  • Handmade from start to finish



Banjo Man balked at the price, but I convinced him that he would save money on propane and electricity if his feet were kept warm by these slippers.

And you know what?  It’s working!!!  He can’t believe it.  I can’t believe it.  Now granted, we have not entered the depths of winter here in the northeast, but it has been in the 30’s and damp and windy and miserable at times.  We have high hopes for continued warm toes.

If you’re battling your own “cold feet” issues, check out this link:


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1 Response to the end of cold feet?

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Those look amazing. I might have to get some for myself!

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