banjo man’s house

I often refer to the lower level of our home as “Banjo Man’s house”, because his office is downstairs.  As is a bathroom.  And a rapidly-improving kitchenette.  Full-sized fridge (to house all of his health food products), living room, twin beds, gas fireplace, two easy chairs, three enormous bookcases, exercise equipment and a large flat screen tv.

All of that has been upended by the continuing improvements.


New vinyl floor for the little kitchen.


Green walls have been painted gray.  The kitchen will be finished in December.


Bookcases have been cleaned out and organized.

I’ve urged my husband to slow down, to pace himself, to put down the paint brush and put up his feet.

He doesn’t listen to me.

The ugly stairs are going to be covered with beautiful carpet this week.  The guest beds will be reassembled and decorated, thanks to a trip to Home Goods.


There’s plenty left to do, but although we’re pretty tired we’re really pleased with the way it’s turning out.

Please feel free to come visit!!!!


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