what’s missing?


It was part of my world for 37 years and I wrote almost 50 novels and novellas on it.  But the big, white desk is gone and that’s a good thing.  I spend too much time sitting there, just because that’s what I’ve always done.  It’s where I go every morning, to listen to the radio, drink coffee, eat my protein bar and check email and the news.  I get stuck there.  Time–too much time–goes by.

I’ve been wrestling with the lack of space in my office for several years now.  Computer, quilting and music?  Not room for all three, unfortunately, no matter how much I stuff I organized, decluttered or eliminated.

It was always still gridlocked.  And because I am basically a clumsy person with very little depth perception and arthritic fingers, I lived in fear of dropping my violin or banging it against a table.  I didn’t want to drop my lap steel (that thing is heavy!) on my foot or knock over my guitar.

Sunday afternoon Banjo Man installed my new blinds (I love blinds.com).  In order to do that he had to move my white desk out of the way.  When it was time to put it back, I said no.  Leave it in the middle of the room so I can think.

I sat there and thought about how I didn’t need a huge desk any longer.  I didn’t need to spend so much time at the computer.  Looking at the empty area in front of the windows made me feel lighter.

“Lighter” is always a good thing.

The next morning I told my husband that I no longer needed that desk.  I still needed a desk, yes, but something smaller and more narrow that would fit under my bookshelves and hold my laptop.  In order to make room for this future narrow table I would get rid of my old mahogany sideboard, too.

And because no one ever wants an old mahogany sideboard, no matter how elegant, Banjo Man will dismantle it and take it to the dump.  It’s too heavy to haul to a consignment store, even if we had a truck to put it in.

Yes, that is sad.  But not as sad as not having room to play my guitar or practice my violin.

So now I will empty the sideboard and I will be ruthless in throwing away things I have shoved in cupboards and drawers.  My goal is to begin 2019 with plenty of room for all of my musical stuff, from instruments to music stands to speakers and lesson books.

I’ve made the choice between having “stuff” and having “space”.

This is going to be fun!



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