I haven’t been able to think of what to blog about lately.  I sit here at my tiny, slightly wobbly folding table and try to juggle the keyboard, mouse and coffee mug while my monitor is on the old sideboard and seems very far away.

I do not have a pair of glasses that helps me see the print, so I’m glad this is only temporary.

Here’s what yesterday afternoon looked like.


I’m determined to get this room–sideboard gone, bins filled and labeled, and new table in place–so that when we return from our little Christmas trip to Texas I can walk right in and pick up the fiddle.

The clutter and messes and issues all over the house are starting to get to me. 

We started our downstairs project two months ago.  The electrician and the carpenter still haven’t arrived to do any of the work.  The guy from the propane company came, after we waited a month for an appointment, and installed a gas line for the future gas range in my upstairs kitchen, but in the process discovered an electrical issue that had to be fixed immediately.

Immediately?  Ha!  I told some friends that I had as much chance of seeing “our” electrician as I would having Jesus Himself walk up my front steps to hand me a winning Powerball ticket.

(Yes, I know I sound cranky.)

On the opposite, more joyful, end is that the local flooring store has been more than happy to order and install anything.  Within a week.  Can you imagine?  I want a bumper sticker that says, “I Love Bart’s”.

On Wednesday I called the insurance company, who promised that an adjuster would call me within 24-48 hours and come look at my warped floor.  On this same Wednesday,  Banjo Man went off to a Sand & Gravel company and ordered a mountain of gravel for our driveway.  It was delivered Thursday morning.  And Thursday afternoon the landscaping boys down the street came with their equipment and spread the gravel.  And even compacted the gravel.  All was right with Banjo Man’s world.

In the meantime I am still waiting for the insurance adjuster to call.

What is wrong with this picture?

Banjo Man says I’ll feel better when the electricity is all fixed.  But I’ve given up on getting the gas range.  For over ten years I’ve wanted a simple, no frills, gas range with a center griddle.  I want to be able to cook dinner and make coffee when the power goes out during nor’easters.

But Winter Is Coming (yes, I am a Game of Thrones fan) and so is snow.  And getting a stove delivered (steps! ice! long driveway!) could be next to impossible.  Banjo Man suggested I buy the stove now and keep it in the dining area.  We would move the table to make room and sometime this winter we could get it hooked up–after the electrician and after the gas guy do their jobs.

And after the kitchen floor is fixed.

Uh-huh.  I don’t share his optimism.   At this rate I figure I’m looking at April, folks, before everything is completed.  Call me crazy, but I do not want a gas range next to my dining room table until April.  Would you?

It’s back on my Wish List…for the fall of 2019.

So maybe I should apologize for this cranky blog post.  I certainly need more coffee.

Tomorrow is my birthday and we will celebrate it at my mother’s assisted living facility’s annual Christmas party.  And I will feel very, very young!  I will walk without assistance from any devices!  I will open the doors by myself and use the stairs instead of the elevator!  I will drive myself there and stride across the parking lot!

All things to be grateful for.

And by tomorrow I will have a clean office and a smile on my face.


gas range

The dream continues.










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3 Responses to

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Hope betterdays are coming. Really understand the gas stove on the list. When we bought this place I told them I wanted a gas stove and 2 parking places .
    I, too, want to cook when the power goes out.

    Have a Happy Birtday.

  2. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Sounds a lot like our house, I’m sorry to say. Have a happy birthday, despite all of this. The blessings you listed at the end are the important ones. Love,

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