a really busy afternoon and i need more coffee

Today was a nine-errand trip to town.  When I’m at the lake, a nine-errand trip to town would be considered normal.  Here?  Not so much.

The most important errand of all was picking up the Christmas cards at CVS.  I didn’t send cards last year.  I figure if I manage it every other year I’m doing just fine.

I haven’t told you about the Funny Grandson having a medical issue on Thanksgiving night and having to fly home with his parents early the next morning.  He ended up in the hospital, had very successful surgery and his parents, grandparents, uncle and aunt eventually recovered from the stress and worry.


He’s fine now.  He’s back in school, back taking drum lessons and madly hinting about what he’d like for Christmas.

But back to my day of errands….

The Saturday afternoon after Thanksgiving (as we waited for the latest round of test results from the hospital), right before sunset, Banjo Man, Will and I decided to take a short walk on a rocky beach to get some air.


I gave Will my phone and asked him to take a picture of his parents for a Christmas card.  I’d intended to get a full-family pic on Thanksgiving Day, but to my disappointment not one of us remembered to do it.

I’d forgotten to put on make up.  Or lipstick.  Neither one of us had slept well, hence the dark circles.  But Will took some pictures and we found some interesting rocks and breathed in some ocean air.

This is not our Christmas card.  Really, who wants to look at two old folks wishing them a Merry Christmas?  Why did I ever think that would be a good idea?


We needed more sleep.

So I am sending out cards with various happy events depicted in tiny photos.  It was a good year.  They all are.

I love getting Christmas cards, especially with pictures.

The errands today took quite a while.  Long lines, two car accidents (not mine), one almost-car accident (almost mine but not my fault), sunny skies, cold winds, a young man in the hardware store with rage issues and a highly anticipated Subway sandwich made up my hours away from the house.

I arrived home to learn that Banjo Man had taken on our homeowners’ insurance company and demanded action in a very loud, no-nonsense voice.  We’d been very patient, but we’re growing tired of people not showing up or calling us when they say they will.  Turns out our claim “disappeared” into a computer system last Wednesday and was eaten by rabid cyber wolves.

Or something.

So this Thursday morning a part of my kitchen floor will be ripped up and inspected for mold and standing water and leaks into the basement.

Thursday morning is also when the electrician has promised (promised!!!!!) to arrive to fix everything that is wrong.

It should be quite a day. 

My errands are done, so I will just sit by the window and wait for someone to come down the driveway.


Our driveway with new gravel.  Gravel is always good.











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